Sonia Elizabeth Aguilar was born in a small town of Chalatenango, El Salvador. She grew up in the city of Aguilares and currently resides in United States with her family. Sonia’s childhood was marred by difficulties. Due to various circumstances, including a fear of attending school, Sonia did not know how to read or write at the age of ten. At age eleven, Sonia began to study. As a young student she achieved many school awards, including Perfect Attendance, Merit Award, Honor Roll, School Spirit, Presidential Academic Fitness Award with a letter from former president George Bush and a Golden Medal. Most of her awards were received from Mario Umana/Joseph H. Barnes Middle School and East Boston High School. Thanks to assistance provided by her mother Rosa and her older sister, Sonia embarked on an academic career at a university. The social services focus driving her studies twice provided Sonia with the opportunity to work as a tutor of impoverished children. She achieved and actually exceeded a university goal by instilling literacy in 18 children in her community. This experience helped Sonia achieve a personal sense of a well being, and it taught her that life is not only about receiving but also about giving from the heart in such a way to provide joy and happiness to others. Sonia’s family is immensely important. The Aguilars have helped Sonia’s moral and artistic development to a significant extent, and she is especially grateful for the support and confidence that her youngest sister and her mother have bestowed upon her. Sonia has dedicated her life to be a writer of books and poems. In 2004 she published her first book in Spanish. Her greatest pride as a writer is to have completed her dream to finalize her work “Realities Far Away from the Happy World,” this has been a personal challenge and a commitment to help humanity to fight for their dreams. As an author of this book, Sonia has achieved her goals as she dreamed them.

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About the author and Book

Sonia Elizabeth aguilar 

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